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Mr Thomas Bailey

Graduate Research Assistant

 Peter Lanyon 


Peter Lanyon Building, University of Exeter, Penryn Campus, Treliever Road, Penryn, Cornwall, TR10 9FE, UK


I am a cultural and social geograher who currently works as a research assistant for the University of Exeter's Social Innovation Group (SIG). My interests involve looking at geogrpahic theories within the medium of film, as well as debates concenring the natural world and our relation to it. In the past I investigated philosophies of wilderness and also how renowned film director Werner Herzog conveyed themes of environmental destruction and encouraged post-humanist thinking. I also have a firm interest in social geography and the use of innovative techniques to improve how society deals with it's most vulnerable populations. 

In the past I have worked with Catherine Leyshon to deliver and co-author the external evaluation for the ESIF (European Structural Investment Funds) funded project "Delivering Restorative Leadership in Education and Health." I am now working with Catherine, Shukru Esmene and Natalie Craig to produce a service evaluation for the Anchor project. This will see a Guided Conversation toolkit deliver place-based person-centred care in the central Cornwall Primary Care Network. 


2019 MSc Sustainable Development (University of Exeter)

2018 BA Geography (University of Exeter)



2020-present Graduate Research Assistant, University of Exeter



Supervision / Group

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