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Research at CGES

We conduct research in both human geography and physical processes, with research themes including: past, present and future global environmental change; biological and physical oceanography; Earth observation and remote sensing using light aircraft and drones; sustainable development; energy policy and governance; critical heritage studies; social innovation; changing political geography and human cultural evolution.

Remote sensing

Find out how we're using remote sensing technology to monitor ocean health, advance peatland restoration, map treescapes, and track the impacts of climate change.

Climate-conscious research

CGES are pioneering changes in carbon-wise thinking at the university: developing new ways to collaborate globally with academics and communities, and teach fieldwork skills.

Social innovation

International and interdisciplinary collaboration

Alongside research specific to our Cornwall location, our staff lead international research projects studying global environment and climate. Staff undertake research in a range of places, from local libraries and laboratories, to field sites worldwide as far afield as Iceland and Patagonia. Research is funded by a range of organisations, including UK research councils, government organisations, the European Union, and charities.

By bridging the divide between physical and human geography, we embrace the need for interdisciplinary approaches to contemporary societal challenges, such as those presented by climate change. We work in collaboration with the Geography department at Streatham Campus, and a number of staff are also associated with Penryn’s Environment and Sustainability Institute - an interdisciplinary centre leading research into solutions to problems of environmental change.